Charmed Books… My first Teenage love…

Most of you will know that I am reading ALL the Charmed books lately to review them ALL on my blog, but I thought you all might to know what all the Charmed books are and what they are called!!!IMG_20180130_114552.jpg

For any ‘teen’ now adult, growing up from 1998 onwards they should remember the brilliant phenomenon that was ‘CHARMED’. I grew up with the 3 witches, Prue, Piper and Phoebe (And later on Paige) that resided in a beautiful Victorian manor house in San Francisco, who only discovered their powers when their beloved Grams died and left them the house, a house which held many magical secrets, one being the Book of Shadows which the youngest sister Phoebe read from and gave the sisters their powers one stormy night. These witches made me fall in love with magic and all things fairy-tale and demonic. I spent much of my youth in the pound shop buying candles, incense sticks and crystals thinking I could be like the Charmed ones. I also spent most of my pocket money on the Charmed books which were based on the show and written by various authors. I would be spending my precious money on those books whilst my friends spent theirs on makeup and clothes. Charmed was my life, I had the DVD’s, the magazines, the books, the posters, the soundtrack… Everything Charmed I had.

But as you grow into adult hood you grow stupid and throw away or give to charity things you will one day want back. And for some stupid reason I had either lost or given away my beloved Charmed books, I had a select few left but now as my oldest has been watching Charmed as it has been shown recently on a music channel she also wants to read the books (And if I’m honest so do I). Why oh why did I get rid of them???!!!

So after hunting on Amazon I found the ones I don’t currently have which were preowned as of course you cannot buy them new any longer, and after begging my lovely hubby, I brought them. Not all of them as some were out of stock plus I didn’t have as much money as I wanted to buy them all but I got as many as I could. But did you know there are currently 45 Charmed Books!!! And that’s not including the new comic style ones that are out now on Amazon. 45!!! OMG I better get saving.

Here are the names of all the Charmed books…

  1. The Power of Three.
  2. Kiss of Darkness.
  3. The Crimson Spell.
  4. Whispers from the past.
  5. Voodoo moon.
  6. Haunted by desire.
  7. The gypsy enchantment.
  8. The Legacy of Merlin.
  9. Soul of the Bride.
  10. Beware what you wish.
  11. Charmed Again.
  12. Spirit of the wolf.
  13. Date with Death.
  14. Garden of evil.
  15. Dark Vengeance.
  16. Shadow of the Sphinx.
  17. Something Wiccan this way comes.
  18. Mist and Stone.
  19. Mirror Image.
  20. Between worlds.
  21. Truth and Consequences.
  22. Luck be a lady.
  23. Inherit the witch.
  24. A tale of two Pipers.
  25. The Brewing Storm.
  26. Survival of the fittest.
  27. Pied Piper.
  28. Mystic Knoll.
  29. The book of three – The official companion to the hit show vol 1.
  30. Seasons of the witch – vol 1.
  31. The Warren witches short story collection.
  32. The Queens curse.
  33. Picture Perfect.
  34. Demon Doppelgangers.
  35. Hurricane Hex.
  36. House of Shards.
  37. Phoebe Who?
  38. Sweet Talkin Demon.
  39. High Spirits.
  40. Light of the world.
  41. Trickery Treat.
  42. The book of three – The official companion to the hit show vol 2.
  43. Charmed Book of love spells.
  44. Leo Rising.
  45. As Puck would have it.

(May not all be in the correct order but these were all the Charmed books I could locate to either buy, that I own or that other own, or that the godsend that is Amazon and Google told me about).

You can see how popular Charmed was back in it’s day. With all those books people must have really loved watching and reading about the Charmed ones and their magical adventures.

I loved the girls, their fighting spirits, the dramas, the things they discussed and portrayed on the show. I also loved the guys too.

Charmed will forever be a favourite of mine and now it’s one for my kids too I’m over the moon 😉

Did you watch Charmed? Did you like it as much as me?

Happy reading.



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