My Writing Space…

Every writer has a writing space, whether it be at home, in their office or study, in a coffee shop or on their commute in the mornings but every writer has that special space that means they can switch off from the outside world and write the new world that has come alive inside their mind.

Where do I write? Well let me show you all 😉

My house isn’t exactly huge, in fact a family member once called it a rabbit hutch (I don’t think it’s that bad, you just have to plan it all out properly) but because my house is a little on the small side I don’t actually have a room dedicated to my writing, I don’t have room for a study, a desk or that huge library I had planned since my childhood, my space is small and simple. My space is tucked away in a small corner of the living room on our dining table right by the bookshelf, it is best there because I can store my current work in progress folder on the bookshelf, along with my journals, pens and drawings and just turn around and grab what I need, when I need it.

To write I also have to listen to music but since my laptop does that I don’t need a radio or the television near me. I also love, love, love smells!!! And by smells I mean incense or wax melts, some times smells help me to imagine scenes or even when I go back to the story after a small break it helps me to re-imagine it because smells help my memory.

I also like to have copies of my own book near me which is why the bookshelf comes in handy, this is because I can then reference back to them if need be 😉

So I know my writing space is nothing grand, or overly special but it works for me, it is my own little space where I can be any character I want and fall into the world I imagine.

What does your writing space look like?

Happy Writing.



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