Your invitation to ‘The Keeper of the Key’ re-release PARTY!!!

The re-write, re-edit and new cover design is all done for my first ever book baby ‘The Keeper of the Key’ which was originally released on the 15th March 2015. I decided to redo my first ever book because although it has been my own personal best selling one out of all my books, the formatting and editing is not to the standard that I expect and produce now. I have also taken all the constructive feedback from my readers, family and friends and have made the changes that needed to be made… Such as language, repeated crutch words and grammar. I have also added into the new 2nd edition pictures, hand drawn pictures by me to represent each chapter, this was something I done for my other fantasy book ‘Junia’, and the feedback I had from that was that the readers loved the small drawings as it helped them feel and sense the story that I was trying to portray not just with my words but with the images.

To celebrate my re-release I am holding a re-release party and guess what… Your all invited!!! Now it’s not a party at a venue or a place, oh no, my party is a virtual one, all in the comfort of your own home. So like me, you could sit there with a glass of wine, a beer, or even a tea or coffee and sit comfy in your P’J’s.

The release is going to be on the 1st May at 8pm – 10pm. There is going to be fun, games, competitions to win signed copies of the book, free downloads on the day only, sneak peeks from the book and some snippets from the next one which I am working on at this very minute!!! If you fancy coming along to the party then follow the link below…

The Keeper of the Key re-release party…

Keep a look out for more updates, soon the COVER reveal will be coming via my monthly newsletter, if you want to be first in the know then you’d better sign up. It will be on my blog after the newsletter comes out so even if you don’t sign up you can still see the new cover design!!!

Happy reading…




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