Charmed Novel – Voodoo Moon – By Wendi Corsi Staub… Book Review…

The next one in the Charmed Saturday book-a-thon, Voodoo Moon by Wendi Corsi Staub, based on the television show by Constance M. Burge.


The Sisters are on vacation in good old New Orleans, but before they have even left the airport they come across trouble in the form of Gabrielle, who when Prue runs late for their flight expects to be able to take her seat and is extremely angry when Prue seems to arrive out of no-where (Thanks to Piper’s freezing power) just in the nick of time to board the plane.

The flight goes smoothly other than some turbulence from a storm and they arrive at the airport only to find their taxi isn’t there and the hotel have no recollection of their booking. They try to look for another hotel to stay at but everywhere is booked! They then bump into Gabrielle who managed to get on the next flight and who seems like a completely different person and phones a hotel with a couple she knows in the Bayou and reserves them a few rooms for their stay.

The plantation house is as charming as it is spooky. And it isn’t long before things get magical for the sisters. Phoebe is having visions and dreams and soon falls ill. Piper stumbles across a voodoo ritual and all 3 sisters suspect the strange cook in the plantation house. Things go from bad to worse when they see Gabrielle and discover her own sister had been turned into a voodoo zombie. But when they try to help Prue is drugged and kidnapped and Phoebe illness turns out to be voodoo magic which has turned her into a zombie. Which leaves frightened Piper, who is approached by the grounds gardener / carpenter who says he can help save her sisters but he needs Pipers help.

They go back to the plantation house to find Gabrielle and her boyfriend who are the evil Voodoo practitioners.

A fight ensues and the cook who turns out to be a good voodoo practitioner manages to cure Phoebe and Gabrielle’s sister of the zombie curse whilst Piper freezes the evil do-ers. The gardener then summons a bad Loa an evil voodoo spirit as Gabrielle summons hers but it turns out Gabrielle has betrayed her Loa which is the one the gardener summoned and is punished for her betrayal by death.

Safe once again the sisters go out and explore New Orleans like they had wanted to all along and Piper even gets to meet a celebrity chef that she had been pining after the whole week.

This one was a little spooky as to me Voodoo is a no-no as I have read other books which had it in them before and it is a little freaky. But once again to Charmed one’s prevail so it’s all good.

Happy Reading.



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