The story has always been with me…

The story of ‘The Keeper of the Key’ came to me one day when I was with my youngest as a baby round my nan and granddads house, my granddad is an avid lover of documentaries and usually always has one on when we go round. My baby had fallen asleep, I was sitting there a little transfixed by this documentary that was on, it was about an ancient gate in Peru, called ‘The Puerta de Hayu Marca’. The locals told stories and legends on how it was the gate to the gods and that there was special energy surrounding it and people and tourists had told of UFO activity.

That was it, I was sucked in…

As I sat there Selene came to me, she showed me her story, how she had the special key that opened the gate to the gods, how she had a special purpose, how the gate was a one way ticket for whoever uses it. The ideas came in thick and fast and by the time my baby had woken up I had the basis of my first ever story… But it didn’t truly start there… Not really …

The pictures at the top are designs of my key for my book, the one on the left (The old clay looking one) is actually a design I made at school, way back when I was in year 3!!! So I would have been about 8 years old… I didn’t write the book until I was around 25 years old. The Keeper of the Key, key ( The Key – on the right) I made when I was writing the story… But it wasn’t until my nan put two and two together (As she had kept my old one in her kitchen from when I made it) and showed me the resemblance, and I was like… Wow, omg, I must always have had the story of The Keeper of the Key in me!!! I just hadn’t known it until I grew up.

Then there is the whole ‘Shadows’ thing… The evil antagonists in my story. I had been rummaging through my old ‘writings’ that I had written and hidden as a teenager at my room at my nans house I found a story, a story I had called ‘The Shadows’ and it was about evil shadow entities ~ This was some two years after finishing and self-publishing my story! So deep down I knew the key, I knew the antagonists and I had even named the main girl character in my ‘Shadows’ story Selene, so I even knew her… It just needed the documentary to glue it all together into a bigger and better story idea.

I loved writing ‘The Keeper of the Key’, as I have never been in a position to travel the world, but in this book I have been able to, I have been to Egypt, to Turkey, Bolivia and Peru, all places I have not seen other than on maps, Google Earth and T.V. but it has given me a sense of knowing these places. Plus as a teen I had loved playing the Tomb Raider games, watching the Tomb Raider movies (Especially the first film with Angelina Jolie, (not the new one with Alicia Vikander), that one I loved and gave me some big inspiration for some of the temples and storyline for my story).

I wanted to have a Tomb Raider kind of feel to it but not make my heroine Selene be so up front and shoot em-up like Lara Croft, I wanted Selene to come into her powers late, to find it hard to kill, find it hard to fight and to win, I wanted her to grow through the story and I feel she truly has.

I would love to know what you all think of my novel ‘The Keeper of the Key’, when it comes out on 1st May 2018, so if you do read it, pretty please review it for me on Amazon and or on Goodreads…

Happy reading and writing.



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