Charmed Novel – Haunted by Desire – by Cameron Dokey – Review…

IMG_20180421_100324.jpgPhoebe is taking a college course and is soon being chatted up by eager Brett who is on the rebound after splitting up with his ex, who happens to be a very jealous girl called Wendy. Phoebe agrees to take on an extra credit assignment and to her dismay so does Brett. The assignment is about a gruesome murder that happened somewhat 40 years before at the college on Halloween.

Prue meets a handsome stranger at work and becomes totally smitten, only thing is, Piper also meets the same handsome stranger at her club P3 and is also smitten. But both of them begin to turn against one another over the guy. Whilst they bicker over the guy, Phoebe is having some trouble that she could really use the power of three to solve, she is now being haunted by ghosts of the past from the murder at Halloween from 40 years ago. Then one tries to attack her with a knife!!!

After yet more arguing over the guy, he seems to choose Piper and invites her back to his hotel room, where it turns out he is a warlock and wants to kill her! She escapes and tries to warn Prue but Prue is still under his spell and doesn’t believe Piper. So Prue goes off with the guy and is in trouble but Phoebe and Piper turn up just in time to save her.

They then set off to the college to help Phoebe with her ghost problem. They also find out the past is set to repeat itself at a party that night for Halloween. Phoebe then finds out that one of the ghosts was lying and was the real murderer but framed someone else for it. But all is not as it seems, as one of them who was thought to have died didn’t!!! She was alive all along but didn’t know the truth. They vanquish the evil ghost and all is set right and the wrongly named murderers name is cleared.

I loved this story with is ghostly side to it and the back story of all the ghosts. And the twist at the end was great too, because I really thought the bad ghost was the one who had been framed by the way he acted. It was also funny reading about Prue and Piper arguing but as normal the power of three prevailed!!!



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