This is a new site I found after chatting to other indie authors who wanted great book graphics to advertise their books but couldn’t afford graphic designers to make them. They recommended a great site… Its called ‘DIY book design’ and has a selection of templates you can use for FREE!!! That’s right FREE!!!

Here is a few I made for my books…

I really like the quality and the look of the images and it has really helped me when I have done online book takeovers to show off my works and books.

I had always wondered where other authors got their designs from to advertise their books and honestly thought that you would have to pay thorough the roof to do one. But like I said before, this is FREE!!! And I love it!!!

If you want to check out the site and make some of your own mock ups to use then click on the link below.

DIY book covers

I am in no way being paid or asked to promote this, I just thought other indie authors might like to see and use this website to their own bookish advantage.

Have fun with making your own 🙂



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