A great video to watch if you need to prepare for a public talk…

As you remember (because I keep telling you) I done my first ever public talk recently and I used loads of things to try and help me to be professional, calm and remember what to say. I read books, blog posts, practiced reading out loud at home and have now even made that talk into a book, because if I ever need to do one again I can refer back to it and not cling to the lovely chunk of A4 paper that was my speech.


(Image by Rawpixel.com via Stocksnap.io)

One of the things I watched which really stuck in my mind was a video by Amy Cuddy. Someone recommended the video to me and I cannot for the life of me remember who (But whoever you are I thank you). But this video was a godsend, it showed me some really great body language techniques to use to make it fool your brain into thinking you are more confident than what you really feel like inside. I used some of these techniques and found on the day that it did really help me, I didn’t falter or faint, which was a bonus and my voice came across strong and didn’t break, I didn’t fall back on ‘um and er’ as much as I thought I would… And I have great feedback from it. So I would definitely recommend watching the video if you need to do a talk and to use what it is Amy suggests.

Amy Cuddy’s brilliant and inspiring talk link is below, telling us how body language can make you who you are and by changing that you can change how you are. E.g. change your body language from weak to powerful.

Inspiring talk by Amy Cuddy

Go on, check it out, it might really help you!!!

Happy talking.



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