Charmed Novel review – The Gypsy Enchantment – by Carla Jablonski…

I’m a dope I know, I posted about the last ever Charmed book with Prue without realising I hadn’t reviewed this one. My memory was jogged while looking at Charmed book of shadow pages online for my own and I came across the page for this novel. So here it is a little late but not forgotten… The Gypsy Enchantment…

Prue has been asked by her boss at 415 magazine to take photos and help conduct interviews at the local circus that has come to town, naturally Phoebe and Piper tag along and its a good job they do because things soon take a supernatural turn. Prue gets friendly with the local animal / musical entertainer Ivan but Phoebe soon has a premonition of him strangling Piper, Prue doesn’t believe it because he is so kind and gentle.

Piper is then warned by a gypsy fortune teller that danger looms all around Ivan and that he is cursed. The sisters don’t believe it until someone close to him dies in a fire at his caravan. Then they spot a mysterious figure looming around which they find out to be a gypsy zombie! They then know full well magic is a play.

After some snooping they realise that Ivan’s violin is also magical after disappearing and reappearing. Soon the sisters are in danger as some one sets the circus animals on them but is it the Ivan they know?

Then suddenly there are two Ivan’s!!! But which one is the real one? And where did the other one come from?

Turns out Ivan has a twin who after a gypsy tradition was given up to the aunt, the gypsy fortune teller… But she has raised him for evil and wants him to gain the violin and call for the Romany Ruby.

Prue and the real Ivan are thrust into another plane along with evil Ivan. Evil Ivan steals the violin and confronts a huge monster that protects the ruby, but he angers it and gets eaten along with the fortune teller. The real Ivan then calms the monster with his music before they are both transported back. Ivan and Prue have saved the Romany Ruby from evil hands and saved the day!!!

What I think…

I’m not a fan of clowns just like Prue, but I did enjoy reading this one, especially when Piper and Phoebe dressed up as clowns to hide their identities from the rest of the circus. And I like the whole introduction to gypsy magic which is so different from the sisters CHARMED magic!!!

Happy reading…


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