Successful Self-Publishing – By Joanna Penn – Book Review…

The full title of the book is – Successful Self-Publishing – How to Self-Publish and Market your book – By Joanna Penn.

Collage 2018-03-31 21_47_29I actually read the blog by Joanna Penn and love the ideas and tips she writes about on The Creative Penn…  The Creative Penn Blog

And that was actually how I found out about her and her books. Although I myself have been self-publishing my books since 2015 and now have 7 books under my self-published belt, I still like to read all about self-publishing and the processes. Why? Because I’m a book nerd and I like to make sure that I am up to date with all the latest techniques and ways of self-publishing so in the long run it makes it easier for me. Plus, just because you think you know all there is to know about a subject does not mean that you actually do… We can always learn something new…

So did I like this book? Was it worth reading something I already know about?

Yes, I did and I’m glad I downloaded it. This book has so many ideas, ways and external links to the authors blog on how to self-publish and how to market your books. Yes I admit some of it I knew but some of it I didn’t. At first I did kind of feel like the author was rubbing her 17 books and 6 figure earnings in my face as she mentioned it a couple of times but as I read on I saw how hard she has worked to get where she is and that writing books is not her only game, she also does blogging, Podcasting, course designing and Public Speaking! Which is another book for another day! But reading about how many books she has and how well she has done inspired me, it spurred me on to want to do well. Instead of moaning and glowering in jealousy it made me get out my pen and scribble down more ideas for stories, more ways to market my precious book babies and one day be as successful as she.

So will I use her hints and tips???

Yes, I already have begun to write up a plan for my own marketing, mailing lists, potential course designs for my own blog and maybe even writing my own book on the self-publishing scene… I mean why not? I have been to do some talks about it now at writers groups, people ask me questions about it all the time, I’m emailed quite a lot about it… So why shouldn’t I??? Plus if I go on to do more public speaking about that as my subject then I’m going to need something to back me up! And just by reading her book and blog I can see that I can do this, she writes to help you to do this… Author’s are funny creatures, whilst they want to succeed in life, they also love helping other’s succeed and this author certainly does that with all her help books!!! She also has many links in her book that you can follow to her blog or other useful sites she thinks that can help us on our author journeys. So why not check her out?!?

I gave this book 5 stars on Amazon, so I highly recommend if you want to know a lot about the self-publishing scene.

Happy Reading.



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