Daisy chains…

There is a past time that us Britain’s love in the summer… making daisy chains! It’s brilliant, as a child I remember my nan making them with me and now my kids are old enough to understand I can now make them with them 😘😍

You can sit in a field or a meadow with a whole group of daisies and sit there for hours making the beautiful chains. I have a few American friends who have said to me that they have never done this or even heard of it, which to me is crazy as most British kids will have done this but it just shows how different parts of the world do different things and have different past times and traditions that they share with their families.

So, if by chance you have never made one they are really simple to make.

You pick some, then take one and pierce the stem with your nail to make a small hole, you can gently push it down to make the hole more visible. Then you push the stem of another daisy through the hole, and repeat the process until you have a chain. Then on the last one to make a daisy crown you pierce the stem of the first one again and loop the last stem through. This makes a gentle and fragile crown.

My kids loves this and so do I. Why not give it a try 😘😍



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