The Walking dead? – The Walking End?

It’s been reported in the last few weeks that a couple of well loved characters on The Walking Dead will be leaving… Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

Does this mean the end of the once well loved show? And I say once well loved… Because… Well, it was. Lately the last two seasons, especially the last one for me hasn’t been great and the viewing stats went down, down faster than a horde of zombie near a nuclear explosion site. Some of the cast say it is due to the gore, as loads of people tuned in the watch the series opener for season 7, but many dropped off after that, maybe due to the gore that was involved with Glenn and Abraham? For me and my husband we have found it just to be getting a little boring, there seemed to be a lot of talking and not a lot of action. The zombies had been seemingly forgotten a little bit, and the characters were no longer as fearful of them as they used to be, it was the humans everyone was scared of, (Which I know humans can be evil and in times like that you are going to get a lot of evil doers but to me the show was called The Walking Dead, so it still should have focused on the zombies being the main threat). To me it has just left what it was meant to be about.

So, now we know that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is leaving the show after six episodes into the newest season which will air in Autumn sometime this year, it does leave me wondering what will become the fate of the show? I mean, in the last season they killed off Carl, who for many could have been the one to lead the group on and take over Rick’s role (As he does in the comics – I haven’t read them all but I have heard that happens) but with him gone too who will take over? Negan? Will he rise again but be good now? Or will it be Daryl? Who (Norman Reedus) has been rumoured to be accepting around $20 million to stay in the show? And what will become of Michonne, will she rise up to be in charge, or will she wonder off into the distance with another two roped up, arm and jaw chopped off zombie friends because the pain of loosing Rick will be too much? And what happened to the flash forward of Rick being old and happy? Do him and Michonne just walk off into the distance with the kids and move on? And then there’s Maggie leaving too? Who will then be in charge of Hilltop, Daryl? Jesus? A saviour or two?

It all just seems very uneasy at the moment for me as a fan as what will happen to the show that I once really adored and was a huge fan of. Has it just reached its time to end now? Will I learn to love it again? Or has it now died a gruesome and bloody death by the hand of a walker?

What do you think? Keep it alive or will it die?



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