About me…

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, MercedesPruntyAuthor or otherwise known as The Walking Mumbie – Some days I am a little like the walking dead haha which I am known to be obsessed about. I mean after all I am the Zombie Queen right?!?


This blog is all about my journey as a self-published author and all the things I encounter and learn on the way. At the moment I currently write in the genre’s of Horror, Fantasy, How to e.g. self-publishing and a children’s book just because those are the genre’s I have grown up reading and still love to read to this day. I am a mother, wife, author, blogger, public speaker, a newly fledged travel writer for an online magazine and lover of all things zombie, (Think The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us and Resident Evil).

I love writing tips about writing just because when I started out I wish I had known a lot of these things and want to help all those budding writers out there, I also like helping out other Indie Authors and do special Author interviews. I hope you enjoy my blog.




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