Privacy Policy…


As most of you will know as of the 25th May 2018 a new law will pass, meaning companies and authors who send newsletters and emails must abide by it. It’s called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation Rules) and I want to assure all my readers that I will abide by these rules.

The only way I will have any of your data is if you have signed up to my monthly email newsletter, which you will have either filled out an online form via ‘MailChimp’ or if I have met you at an author event you may have signed up with my paper sign up form and given me consent to add you manually to my email list. I would just like to assure all my readers who have signed up that I will not give your details to any 3rd parties, your data is for me to use only for my newsletters. I will keep your details safe and only use a safe site like ‘MailChimp’ which is the site I use to write and send my email newsletters and I have read their terms and conditions and I know that they are a safe site to use. I will also keep all the paper forms safe and if they need to be destroyed, then I will dispose of them safely and securely via a shredder and a fire (Bonfire in the garden).

If you are happy for me to contact you via email with my newsletter then please feel free to sign up, I like speaking to an audience and not myself lol. But if for any reason you would like to leave my list then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can do this either via my address which is at the end of each email newsletter, or you can email me directly on and I will delete you from the list and destroy your data with care.

If you have any questions please contact me via my email and I will be happy to answer them.


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